Under An Act 1860 Section 21 (Regd. No. 4417) Govt. of India.

Director Message

We are very much delighted, because you are considering the IIVIT Institute Sponsored By “LORD BODDHA EDUCATIONAL SOCEITY An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Accredited from Government  Under An Act 1882 Section 60 Govt. of India. To study our courses is exciting and challenging, but one that offers a variety of career opportunities within our courses. We hope you will speed some time exploring about our quality and aim and learn more about the profession and our entire network and faculty can offer you and educational future.

Application to IIVIT Institute is highly competitive and it is to your advantage to be prepared for this future challenge. Making sure you have solid grades in the recommended course, have taken the competitions, gained substantial experience with the outlook of jobs are just a few of the our components of the process. Providing as competitive a background as you can increases your chances for admission to this challenging and rewarding academic experience.

In an era of privatization and modernization of education, IIVIT Institute is bringing lot of opportunities for you. Due to the requirement of national and multinational companies, we are strictly concentrating in making job oriented Vocational Education & Skill Development courses and adding advance material into the structure of traditional course.

As you review the web site or prospectus and prepare for the time you will apply, please let us know what questions you might have. We wish you every success as you prepare for your future.



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